Fake News in Orthodontics

by Verna Carlalberta

In wondering how Orthodontics has changed over the past decades in the field of mobile or fixed Orthodontics, we cannot avoid considering the increasingly non-marginal role played by dental companies in our profession. Systems that have been called innovative are often disappointing in practice. In particular, the first part of the presentation will describe the phenomenon of fake news in general in the current forms of social communication and in particular in dental information with the support of the literature analysis. In the second part, some topics will be specifically analysed, including the acceleration of orthodontic tooth movement through mechanical methods, such as brackets, surgical methods, such as corticotomy, and physical methods, such as vibration and light. The presentation therefore focuses on reporting the evidence for certain therapeutic approaches suggested by the market and questions the orthodontist's optimal attitude towards them, especially the new generation.

Learning Objectives

After this lecture, you will be able to know why does fake news have the power to convince people.
After this lecture, you will be able to Identify examples of fake news in orthodontics
After this lecture, you will be able to develop a conscientious attitude toward information in the orthodontic field